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 Post subject: My twisted thoughts.
PostPosted: Thu Mar 27, 2008 8:03 am 
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Hmm.. there is so many ways that I can put this but basically all of those listed I basically have.. it's like.. me. Well comes natural. I also have bad habits.. reaaaally bad habits that I want to kick. It feels like my heart for keeping my love happy and my brain for it's love of cyber sex (only lol) are fighting against each other. Really complicated.. I guess we'll start with the cyber sex addiction issue first.

My fiancee always ends up finding out and when it happens he gets really upset.. I start crying and well.. I apologize and believe me I mean my words to him but I never cease to learn my lesson. My brain is telling me something along the lines of "Oh c'mon Ciel you want it, you love it." and my heart is saying no.. very complicated. Right now I'm trying to keep all those lessons that never seemed to sink in somehow to sink in and stay there this time so I don't do it again.

Any ideas of what I can do?

(Oh and this isn't the only problem I have so... yeah. This is only the most recent problem.. it occured for like the 5th time yesterday)

Thanks for the help and ideas everyone. ^^'


 Post subject: Re: My twisted thoughts.
PostPosted: Thu Mar 27, 2008 10:42 am 
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There are support groups and recovery programs for people who have sex and/or online addictions. Yes, that includes cyber-sex, internet porn, etc.
Here are a few links...
Sex Addicts Anonymous
A CyberSex FAQ
A whole bunch of links and resources
Center For Internet Addiction
and a nice article.

You could look and see what resources you've got in your area. The same goes if you've got any other addictions floating around - or potential addictions. Working to be rid of some issues can cause others to pop out around the side if we aren't watching for them.

Do you see a therapist, counselor, psychologist (etc.)?
Have you considered counseling?

Addictions of any kind aren't just a matter of weak self-control. Over time, a physical aspect develops as certain parts of the brain get stimulated over and over and over. It means that if we want to recover, we need to stay mindful of ourselves - otherwise, our brain would just do what it's always done when left to go on it's own.

So what are some of the thoughts that you notice going on? If we can look at what you're thinking, we might be able to help you untangle and find where it's off. Heck - sometimes just writing it down or typing it out helps me see my thoughts more clearly, and then I can see the parts that just aren't working.

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